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Hifz E Quran Online Classes in USA, UK, Australia, Canada & all of the world

Learn Hifz E Quran Online Classes in USA, UK, Australia, Canada & all of the world. The ratio of Muslims in European countries is increasing day-by-day. Muslims are moving towards the USA, UK, Australia, Canada, and other countries just for enjoying a luxurious life. But they feel difficulty there in learning Quran. Because of technology, it is not hard to learn or memorize the Holy Quran. By using the internet you can easily learn or memorize the Holy Quran online. You can memorize Quran online by joining an online Quran tutor.

Your children to memorize verse-to-verse of the Hifz Quran Online. We provide online classes in the USA, UK, Australia, Canada & all of the world. It does not matter where are you living you can learn Quran online anywhere in the world. Quran Memorization at home is easy now. Alhamdulillah, we are all Muslims and it is the thank of Allah Almighty who created us in the Muslim’s house.

Allah sent the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) to us for telling the way which goes to the Jannah. Basically, the Holy Quran Memorization is a spiritual and physical project. This course is made easy Online. We have designed a beautiful and cheap course of Online Quran Memorization for Kids.

Rules & regulations to Learn Quran Memorization online in USA, UK, Australia, Canada & all of the world

Our method is straightforward and natural. Our expert Quran Teachers are helping you to read and to memorize the Holy Quran during a short span of your time. Where we specialize in the new and learned portion at an equal time to keep the remembered part fixed.

Memorizing the Holy Quran with tajweed is our responsibility as Muslims. Our Muslim Ummah is liable for having people within the community to keep this Holy Book within the hearts. Once a Muslim has memorized the Holy Quran of Allah, it becomes the responsibility to keep it fixed and remembered it for the entire life.

This course is one of the ways where the students can memorize the whole Holy Quran by heart. Your status in this life will be raised. We have a good experience of helping the student to memorize the Holy Quran online. We provide our best services in memorizing the Holy Quran at home online. It’s not difficult to memorize the Holy Quran at the house because we know that how a student goes verse to verse and gradually leads to the final destination. We have highly qualified Quran teachers.

Our best method to memorize the Quran online:


This course is taught just to those students who are able to recite the Holy Quran with Tajweed properly.

For this, you can join online Quran classes. One should revise Quran daily. Online Quran Quran-class teachers help in Memorizing Quran Online OR Hifz Quran Online Classes at any level. If you would like help with memorizing the Holy Quran, while you are feeling difficult on your own, then do try our classes online at any time. We offer an attempt check in for you.

We are sure you’ll love our online classes. Regulations and Rules to Learn Hifz Quran with Sincerity and interest: It’s necessary to possess a pure, faithful intention, an excellent goal for the Memorize Quran Online. Care should be taken while learning the Quran online, to get Heaven, and to do Allah happy.


accurate pronunciation is necessary to memorize Quran online. The Holy Quran can only be learned from the best online Quran teacher. The Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) of Allah learned it from Jibreel (PBUH), and therefore the Sahabah learned it from the Prophet. Then it had been handed right down to subsequent next generations of Ummah.



The one who memorizes the Holy Quran should never move to the new verse until he has correctly remembered the previous portion of the Holy Quran. To properly memorize the verses, reciting them altogether prayers could improve. Our online Quran teachers can help you. He also can use them in nafl prayers. Through this, it’ll be easier to Memorizing Quran.


We provide highly qualified and expert Quran teachers 24 hours a day and seven days a week. You just need to hire a skype Quran teacher online via our online Quran academy. Now anybody can earn the blessings of Allah Almighty just by sitting at home without the trouble of traveling and hassle. Prefer online Quran classes for learning Quran, Hadith, Salah and masnoon Duas, etc in Ramadan as breaking fast makes you exhausted sometimes and it is better to get the service for fulfilling the duty instead of showing the ignorance.

We provide our services all over the world. Take the trial of three days to evaluate our services and start practicing Islam without delay.

Tips for Effective Quranic Memorization:

  1. Set Clear Goals:

    • Define specific and achievable memorization goals, whether it’s a certain number of verses or pages per day.
  2. Consistent Routine:

    • Establish a consistent daily routine for memorization. Regularity is key to successful Hifz.
  3. Choose a Suitable Time:

    • Select a time of day when your mind is most alert and focused for memorization. Many find early mornings to be ideal.
  4. Understand the Meaning:

    • Comprehend the meanings of the verses you are memorizing. Understanding the context aids in retention.
  5. Start Small:

    • Begin with a manageable portion. It’s better to memorize a few verses consistently than to attempt too much and struggle to retain.
  6. Recite Aloud:

    • Recite the verses aloud during memorization. Hearing your own voice aids in both memorization and pronunciation.
  7. Repeat Frequently:

    • Repetition is crucial for retention. Regularly revise previously memorized portions to reinforce your memory.
  8. Use Visualization:

    • Visualize the words on the page as you recite them. Associating the visual aspect can enhance memory.
  9. Break It Down:

    • Divide longer verses into smaller phrases or lines for easier memorization.
  10. Teach Others:

    • Teach what you’ve memorized to someone else. Teaching reinforces your own understanding and retention.
  11. Utilize Technology:

    • Use Quran memorization apps or online platforms that provide audio support, repetition reminders, and progress tracking.
  12. Be Patient:

    • Quranic memorization is a gradual process. Be patient with yourself and avoid rushing through the memorization.

teacher online via our online Quran academy. Now anybody can earn the blessings of Allah Almighty just by sitting at home without the trouble of traveling and hassle. Prefer online Quran classes for learning Quran, Hadith, Salah and masnoon Duas, etc in Ramadan as breaking fast makes you exhausted

Memorization Schedules and Methods:

  1. Daily Targets:

    • Set a daily memorization target based on your personal capacity. Consistency is more important than quantity.
  2. Revision Schedule:

    • Allocate specific times for revision. Regularly revisit previously memorized sections to maintain retention.
  3. Weekend Intensive Sessions:

    • Consider dedicating longer sessions on weekends for more focused and intensive memorization.
  4. Group Memorization:

    • Join a memorization group or study circle for mutual support and motivation. Group settings can enhance accountability.
  5. Memorization Retreats:

    • Plan occasional retreats or dedicated days for intensive memorization without distractions.
  6. Use Mnemonics:

    • Create mnemonics or associations to remember difficult verses or sequences.
  7. Record and Listen:

    • Record your own recitation and listen to it during leisure time. This reinforces memorization and improves pronunciation.
  8. Celebrate Milestones:

    • Celebrate achievements and milestones in your memorization journey to stay motivated.
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