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Quran Tutor For Kids

This is the first and important responsibility of all Muslim parents to give an excellent knowledge of the Holy Quran and Islamic teachings to their kids. All Muslim children should Learn Reading Quran in Arabic with Tajweed rules. USA Quran Academy,s has specially designed different courses for kids to learn Quran Online at home very easily. You do not need to send your kids outside from the house for the learning of the Holy Quran and Islamic studies.

USA Quran Academy’s Online Quran Learning Program for Muslim kids is very advanced, easy, satisfied, secure, time-saving, and affordable for all. Your kids can take Online Quran Classes any time and anywhere with comfort at home. Online Quran Classes are working much better than learning in Mosque or anywhere else because we offer One-to-One classes where very qualified Quran Tutor focuses on one child with full sincerity for more than 30 minutes daily.

Why to Choose Online Quran Classes For Kids

Certified Quran Teacher: We have trained certified and compassionate Quran tutors for kids who know who to teach Quran to kids with excitement.
Advanced Online Class-Rooms: We use the latest technology for online classes where the teacher and students interact with each other as they are in one classroom.
Comfort and safety: Kids can take Online Quran Classes anytime from home and the parents can easily keep an eye on their child’s learning and progress.
Homework tools: We have developed easy Quran lessons for kids and after each Quran Classes the kids can easily revise their lessons at home without any difficulty.
Native Arab and Non-Arab Quran Teachers: We have native Arab expert Quran teachers for kids who can teach kids in English and Arabic with full sincerity. Also, we have Pakistani Quran Teachers who can teach in Urdu, English, Arabic, and in Pashto.
Basic Islamic Teachings: The kids will also learn more about Islam, Iman, Prayers, stories of Prophets, Duas, Kalmas, and much more while learning Quran Online.
Affordable for all: We do not charge so much. Our demand is very minimal and we provide excellent quality Quran education. We offer very affordable Holy Quran classes for all Muslim kids and also offer and siblings’ concessions for more than one child from a family.

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