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At USA Quran Academy Learn Quran Online with expert & qualified Quran tutors with select your own schedule yourself. Our main mission is to enrich the lives of muslim ummah by teaching them the Quran in proper pronunciation (and is to guide them on every subject of islam).
Our Quran teachers not teach only quran they teach you Namaz, Duas, hadees, and Islamic Education daily (This is stepwise first our Quran teachers teach Quran then in the end they teach you Namaz, Duas, hadees, and Islamic Education).

You don’t need to go far away for Quran learning. kids and elders no matter what is the age can learn Quran in the comfort of home. Even without disturbing your busy schedule, you can take Quran classes anywhere & anytime.

Learn to read Quran online by getting first 3 days free trail classes without any conditons. Through these trial classes, you will know more about our services and teachers. So let’s get started.

Online Quran Classes & Courses

Our institute has specially designed some of courses according to the needs of the muslim students. Our expert Quran tutors teach every course with full sincerity and with great attention so the student can learn Quran fastly and effectively. Join our Online Quran Classes and see how easy it is to learn quran with our expert and well-experienced quran tutors. Our courses are given below:


Online Noorani Qaida

It is the first step that helps you to learn Quran online easily and without any difficulty. USA Quran Academy provides “Online Noorani Qaida Course”. Through this comprehensive and customizable course, you or your kids can learn Quran online in several countries like the USA, UK, Canada, Europe & Australia, or anywhere in the world with highly-qualified and expert Quran Teachers. Our teachers will start learning to you from the basics like learning the Arabic alphabets, joining letters, reading simple words, lowering capitalizing, using vowels then reading complete sentences, and eventually reading portions of the Quran.


Online Quran Reading

USA Quran Academy provides the specialized “Quran Reading Course online”. Through this course, you or your kids can learn Quran recitation online in all the countries of the world under the orientation of skillful and expert teachers . The Quran teaching experts of the USA Quran Academy will teach you or your kids all features and of Quran recitation with sincerity. You will learn the proper pronunciation of the verses of the Quran, different and popular rules of reciting the Quran, and even the manners of Quran recitation. All the students of our academy are satisfied because of our teaching method.


Quran with Tajweed

It is necessary to learn Quran with tajweed because, without it, the meaning of the words are change, which can damage your learning. This is considered an innovative step for becoming mastering Quran recitation. Some guys believe that studying with tajweed is not necessary for correct Quran recitation. Well, they are mistaken! USA Quran Academy introduces the “Quran Tajweed Course online”.Through this advanced and satisfying online course, you & your kids can learn Tajweed Quran online reception with professional teachers who master the Quran recitation with Tajweed. So, learning of it is necessary to remove the mistakes in your reading.


Quran Memorization

In this course, our expert teachers can teach you the meaning of Arabic to English that you can easily understand what is written in Quran? This course is specially designed for people that live in Western countries like the USA, UK, Canada, Europe, Australia or anywhere in the world. This course is online because people do not wish to travel, not to go to the places that are located at long distance, and need to memorize Quran while enjoying the comfort of their home. USA Quran Academy introduces “Quran Memorization Course”. Through this important and personalized course, you or your kids can learn to memorize Quran online reception with expert Quran teachers who already are Hafiz and Qari (the teachers of Quran), to enjoy the heart-touching Quran.



During the “Tafseer Quran Course online”, you will learn the meaning of verses letter by letter, Islamic laws and rules, Orders of Allah, responsibilities of being a Muslim, the sophistic and complicated ideas through the oral display, comparison of Quran with other previously revealed scriptures, and many more. By end of this Tafsir program, you will be able to interpret any Quran verses properly with needful and verified proofs. You will enjoy this course while sitting reception. You are doing not need to travel anywhere outside the country, or the places that are difficult to reach in your country. Just enroll yourself and begin your course online at USA Quran Academy.


Online Quran For Kids

It is the first responsibility of Muslim parents to give excellent knowledge of the Quran to their Kids.USA Quran Academy has especially designed different courses for kids to Learn Quran for kids at home very easily. Our teachers teach Quran to your children with an interesting and excellent method that the children can easily learn and read the Quran without facing any problem. Our Quran students and their parents are 100% satisfied with us. Quran is the basic book for Islam. If children read it and learn it carefully then they can learn other parts of Islam easily, because they are in Arabic and Quran also in Arabic. Inshallah, we will fulfill your demand with high-quality results.


At USA Quran Academy our expert teachers Teach Quran Online with Tajweed

Our Curriculum Includes Quran Tajweed, Tafseer, Translation, & Memorization, Namaz, Duas & Islamic Studies

Our Teachers Give Special Importance to Ikhlaq and tarbiyah of kids while teaching the Holy Quran

We teaching the Holy Quran with Arabic Pronunciation to Kids

Our Quran Teachers are Well Trained, Experienced, Highly Qualified

We provide One-to-One Teaching Method, every student is taught with Great Attention

Free Tafseer Class

Quran Tafseer Class in English:

Quran Tafseer Class in Urdu:

Our Quran Teachers and their Teaching Pattern:


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Why Choose Us?

USA Quran Academy is an online Institution for teaching Basic Islam, Quran, and Arabic to the people of many countries around the world including the USA, UK, Canada, Europe, Australia.

Our academy was established in 2003 and is a US-based organization.

We are registered from Sheridan, Wyoming, the USA as an online organization, and our main office is also located in Sheridan, Wyoming, USA.

Our academy is run by the world's renowned US-based Quran teachers who understand the needs of quranic education for kids in the USA and all over the world.

Our Academy has influence by Qari Zubair Mehmood who also runs the international Al Jaleel Quran Academy Pakistan.

This academy has been teaching Quran with tajweed for 53 years and consists of over 71000 students.

So, USA Quran Academy is run by such people who have great experience in teaching Quran.

Our USA Quran Academy also has taught over 9000 students till now which shows people's trust in our organization due to our credibility.

We give particular attention to every student. One teacher is for just one student to make sure that dedicated attention for better Quran learning. It is the best option for multiple family members who are interested in learning. They can get their proper study time with an expert Quran teacher.

In very little time, your kid will be able to read Quran with Tajweed without any mistakes and any problems. No matter, what your age is, and how busy is your schedule, but if you didn’t get a chance to learn how to read the Quran, Get 3 days of Free Quran Classes for easy, satisfied, and affordable Online Quran Classes.

Our Mission

The Prophet Muhammad (PUBH) said that: “The best among you (Muslims) are those who learn the Quran and teach it to others.”

(Bukhari Sharif)

USA Quran Academy target to teach Quran to the Muslims around the world in order to make them closer to their religion. We also aspire and priority to make the Quran Learning easier for the people in such a way that we teach online Quran and everyone can feasibly learn the recitation of Quran from our platform even anywhere and at any place. Thus, teaching Quran, teaching basic Islam, and providing people ease in learning our holy book are our major goals.

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